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So Delicious Ice Cream Cake – Recipe Contest!

on April 16, 2013

March 23rd, 2013 012

This is so exciting… So Delicious Dairy Free has teamed up with Go Dairy Free for a great recipe contest!

Find the details here:

The official voting is done on Pinterest at

The recipe with the most LIKES wins!  And we’d sure appreciate a ‘like’ on that pinterest board!  🙂

SO fun!

This was a birthday cake that was a special, specific order from a special young man… so fantastic and SO easy!

For the crust…

Layer whole oreo cookies (alternatives listed below) on the bottom of a parchment lined springform pan.

You can fill in the spots with pieces of cookies.

A great alternative to an oreo cookie would be Newman-O’s or Late July cookies (we love Late July) … if you do choose to use oreo cookies, know that they are in fact dairy-free.

Take out your ‘So Delicious’ vanilla bean non-dairy frozen dessert (or you could use the ‘Cookies ‘n Cream’ flavour and save yourself a step) and let them sit out for about fifteen minutes.  You’ll need approximately four containers for a eight or nine inch pan.

At sixteen minutes, put all of your frozen goodness into a bowl along with one cup of chopped up cookies.

Mix it all together with a hand mixer and pour into your springform pan… just be sure to be a little gentle so that the ‘crust’ doesn’t shift.

Smooth out the top of your cake and place it in the freezer for at least a few hours… or cover and leave overnight.

Top with another cup of chopped cookies and your done!

Options are endless!

We’ll be doing a strawberry version of this this summer… fresh strawberries for the crust, the middle and the top.

OK, we might not make it to the summer…  birthday anyone???  🙂

Note:  You want to let the cake sit out for about ten minutes before removing it from the pan… or if you can’t wait that long, use a hairdryer on low speed and just warm up the outside of the pan.


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March 23rd, 2013 013

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