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Say Yes To Garlic!


Where to start…  🙂

Not only are there fantastic health benefits to adding garlic to your dishes…in my opinion, there is no flavour quite like this beauty.

We roasted garlic every weekend on a low temp ….just so the aroma lasts a little longer.  🙂

Cut the tops off, drizzle some good quality olive oil over the bulbs and wrap in foil………. we do about six bulbs a week just to have on hand for soups and salads.  YUM!

Happy eating everyone!

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How Many Colours In A Rainbow…

My decision to embark upon this journey is mainly to keep track of recipes, nutrition and food ideas.

I spend a good part of my day ensuring my 3 year old consumes at least seven different colours a day ……………………..of fruits and vegetables.  🙂

Maybe we can exchange, create and inspire each other with new ideas and recipes?

Looking forward to hearing from you!

Have a peaceful day y’all!

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