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Raw Date Squares!

Date Bars

OMGoodness, I simply must give these away to the neighbors before they are devoured.

Yep, they’re that good.

For the crust & topping…

1c of unsweetened, shredded coconut
1/2c (plus 1/4c for after processing) of GF oats
1/2c of pecans or walnuts
1/4c of soaked, pitted dates
1/4c of coconut oil

Process all of the above in your food processor, except for the extra quarter cup of oats…once everything is well combined, transfer the mixture to a bowl and stir in the remaining oats.

Take half of that mixture and press it into a parchment lined loaf pan.

For the date filling…

1c of soaked dates
1 heaping tablespoon of coconut oil

Strain the soaked dates to remove all of the excess liquid…no need to squeeze them though.

Place them into your food processor with the coconut oil and process until smooth.

Spread over the top of your crust and then cover with the remaining coconut/oat mixture.

Press firmly so that it all comes together and place in the fridge for at least four hours.

Absolutely delish!


Cranberry Peppermint Fudge


It’s that time of year again.


This just might be my new favorite!

Into your food processor….

  • 2c of unsweetened, shredded coconut
  • 1/4c of dried, unsweetened cranberries
  • 1/4c of melted cacao butter
  • 2tbsp of coconut oil
  • 1tbsp of honey or coconut nectar
  • a couple of drops of pure peppermint oil

Process all of the above until well combined and very creamy.

Pour the mixture into a parchment lined loaf pan and place it in the freezer for about thirty minutes.

Remove and slice into bite size squares.

Store in the fridge and enjoy!

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Apricot Bars!

2014-03-31 10.15.03

Aaaapricot Bars!

I may have stumble upon a new favorite.

We used to buy apricot logs from the grocery store on occasion, but it was definitely a love/hate relationship.

They were so tasty but the list of ingredients weren’t on my list of favorite things to put into my five year old’s body.

These ones…four ingredients. That’s it.

Into your food processor…

1/2c brazil nuts (process first)
1c of dried, organic apricots
1c of unsweetened shredded coconut
2tbsp of coconut oil

Process the nuts first until they resemble crumbs. Add in the rest and process until well combined.

Press the mixture into a parchment lined loaf pan and into the freezer they go.

Now, you can probably get away with no coconut oil, but I was too excited I had to share. They are SO good!

Store in the freezer – or the fridge. Enjoy!

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Strawberry Coconut Popsicles


August 4th, 2013 039 - Copy

On our way outside with one of these in hand!


All you need…

  • 1c of homemade coconut milk (recipe posted yesterday)
  • 12-15 fresh organic strawberries
  • a pinch of vanilla powder

Process all of the above in a vitamix or blender and pour into tall shot glasses.

Place in the freezer for about half an hour and then carefully place your popsicle stick or cakepop stick in the center.

Leave them in the freezer for a couple of hours and voila!

Run a little bit of warm (not hot) water over the glass to remove the popsicle.

Great little treat for a sunny summer afternoon!

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Salted Caramel Almond Bars

June 8th, 2013 068


And they’re raw!

I have to admit, these float my boat even more than the Vegan Almond Roca…and the small people in the house love them!

What you’ll need for the base…

  • 1c of organic almonds
  • 1/4c of cacao powder
  • 6tbsp of coconut oil
  • 1tbsp of coconut nectar

Process all of the above in your food processor until it’s about the consistency of almond butter…almost, but not quite.

Line a loaf pan with parchment paper and press the mixture down…pack it in tight!

For the salted caramel…

  • 1c of soaked dates
  • 1/4c of water
  • 2tbsp of coconut oil
  • 1tsp of raw vanilla powder
  • 1/2tsp of himalayan salt

Place all of the ingredients into a four cup mason jar and blend until creamy with your hand blender/smart stick.

If you double the recipe, it might work in your processor, but there wasn’t quite enough to break it all down.

Spread the caramel over top of the chocolatey base and place in the freezer for an hour or more.

Once they’ve firmed up a bit, removed them from the freezer and drizzle a little bit of homemade chocolate over the top.

Homemade chocolate (just enough for this recipe)…

  • 2tbsp of coconut oil
  • 3tbsp of cacao powder

Gently melt the coconut oil and stir in the cacao powder… so simple.

Let the chocolate firm up and then slice them into bars or squares…you don’t need much so the smaller the better.

Sprinkle a little himalayan salt over the top and enjoy!

Store these beauties in the fridge or the freezer… and share with your friends!

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