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Chocolate Pudding Cake

on June 16, 2013

June 15th, 2013 003

Raw, vegan, gluten-free… and oh so simple!


We made a small cake using an mini cheesecake pan – great size for four people to share.

Ours is still in the fridge btw… if anyone is interested.


What you’ll need for the crust…

  • 1/4c of raw organic almonds
  • 1 heaping tablespoon of raw cacao powder
  • 1 heaping tablespoon of solid coconut oil
  • 1tbsp (not so heaping) of coconut nectar

Process the above in your food processor until well combined and a bit sticky. Press it all into the bottom of your parchment lined mini cheesecake pan and toss it into the freezer while you work on the pudding.

For the filling…

  • 1 fairly firm avocado
  • 6tbsp of raw cacao powder
  • 2tbsp of coconut nectar (or agave)
  • 1tbsp of solid coconut oil
  • 1/2tsp of raw vanilla powder (or 1tsp of vanilla extract will work)
  • 1/4c of homemade coconut milk

Whiz away in your food processor for a minute or two until it all smooth and creamy.

Scrape out every last bit and place it on top of your crust. Smooth out the the top and toss the cake into the freezer for about fifteen minutes… or the fridge for a couple of hours. Depending on your patience level.     🙂

Serve with some fresh, organic strawberries and dig in!

Happy, healthy eating friends!

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12 responses to “Chocolate Pudding Cake

  1. brendamhamilton says:

    Hey again! You ever heard of peanut butter powder? Supposedly most of the fat removed but still yummy to add to shakes, cookies etc😳!

  2. thehungrymum says:

    Gah! Want some RIGHT NOW. #please

  3. Looks delicious! I have never tried coconut nectar. Is it similar to agave?

    • Simply Dish says:

      Thank you!
      The consistency is similar, but the flavor is different.
      It’s milder AND the glycemic index is lower!
      We now use it for everything that requires a sticky liquid.

  4. thegrubbyhen says:

    That looks incredible! It’s great to see creative gluten free and vegan recipes 😀

  5. Phyllis says:

    Looks delicious! I haven’t heard of solid Coconut Oil. What do you mean by that, or do you have a specific brand you use? In what section of the natural foods market would one find it?

    • Simply Dish says:

      Hi Phyllis,
      Thank you!
      Solid coconut oil is just coconut oil at room temperature… no need to melt it. It can just go into the food processor as is. 🙂
      Thanks for droppin’ in!
      Best, Erin

  6. Sharing Love says:

    […] Chocolate Pudding Cake by simply dish […]

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