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Hot Fudge Chocolate Sauce

on May 30, 2013

May 30th, 2013 012

Need a hot fudge chocolate sauce in a pinch?


Super simple and not so bad for you!

In a stainless steel bowl over a pot of simmering water, melt a quarter cup of coconut oil.

Once it has melted, add in a quarter cup of raw cacao powder and a tablespoon of coconut nectar (or agave).

Give it a whisk and you’re done.

You have a great chocolate sauce that is as healthy as they come and you’ve made it in seconds.

Not to mention you’ll have some happy kids at the table!

Drizzle the warm fudgeyness over some of ‘Luna & Larry’s’ fabulous, organic vanilla coconut bliss non-dairy frozen goodness… there are so many wonderful non-dairy ‘ice-creams’ out there, but you MUST try this one.


Note:  the fudge sauce will harden as it cools – just like coconut oil… best to use it right away or store it and reheat by placing the mason jar in a bowl of warm water.

Enjoy friends!

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