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Quinoa Peanut Butter Cookies

on July 11, 2012

My four year old just devoured one of these rather quickly!  That tells me they’re not too bad!  🙂

I actually find this quite exciting… no eggs, no flour, no sugar, no added oil or butter.  Vegan and gluten free!  Woo hoo!

Of course they are a little ‘earthier’ than a regular, buttery, not so fantastic for you cookie – but you feel like you’re eating a cookie and they’re SO good for you!

Did I say woo hoo!?  🙂

In a food processor …

  • 2.5c of cooked quinoa
  • 1/2c (heaping) of smooth organic peanut butter
  • 1/2c of raw sunflower seeds
  • 1/4c of natural protein powder (i used an earthier one the first time and it hid the peanut butter flavour just a bit)
  • 1/8c of maple syrup

Process all of this together until blended and then transfer to a bowl … stir in a little less than one cup of dark chocolate or carob chips (my son likes to eat a few out of the measuring cup before they are added to the mixture, hence the ‘little less’ 🙂 ).

Shape into one inch balls and press down with a fork … just like peanut butter cookies!

Bake in a moderate oven (325) for about 30 minutes and there you have it!

You should get about 18 yummy treats with this recipe.

Healthy cookies you and your kids will love!  🙂

Have a peaceful day y’all!

PS – I’d love to hear from you if/when you try these!  🙂


3 responses to “Quinoa Peanut Butter Cookies

  1. AlyaVille says:

    GAH! I wish I knew about this a day or two ago! It would be perfect to take to my friend’s home tonight for her son, he can only have gluten free food….
    But I will try it out soon. It sounds really cool. Yum yum.

  2. Sophie33 says:

    Your coookies look utterly tasty & apart too!:)
    Great flavours in here! 🙂

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