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Blueberry Icing…

on July 8, 2012

I love the idea of using healthy foods to colour icing – or anything that requires food colouring really.

Today we celebrate two beautiful five year olds … and what small person doesn’t love a cupcake?!  🙂

We used the ‘So Simple White Cake’ recipe for the cupcakes, so nothing new there ……………. but, we made a simple icing to top the little baked tasty treats and because they’ve been made to celebrate two lovely girls I wanted to make the icing a little ‘fluffier’.  🙂

In the mixer with the butter and the icing sugar, we added eight frozen blueberries and a splash of rasberry lemonade.  YUM!

It took away a bit of the sweetness and added a bit of freshness … and they look ‘girly’!  🙂

Raspberries work great for pink, tumeric works wonders for yellow and a pinch of spinach for green!

Give it try next time – any healthy touch is a good one … I think.  🙂

Have a wonderful day in the sun y’all!

2 responses to “Blueberry Icing…

  1. cht7 says:

    May have to try this on a cake I am making next weekend. Thanks for the post!

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