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Smarties Ice Cream Cake!

on July 5, 2012

July 1st, 2012 026 - Copy


This (birthday) cake was fantastic and SO easy!

For the crust…

Mix together two cups of chocolate cookie crumbs (we use GF crumbs) with a quarter cup of melted coconut oil.

Press the mixture into the bottom of a parchment lined springform pan and place in the freezer for fifteen minutes.

While the crust is in the freezer…

Take out your vanilla ‘So Delicious’ ice cream (you want enough ice cream to fill your pan – approximately four containers) and let it sit for about fifteen minutes.

Put all of your ice cream into a bowl and add in ground smarties – about one cup of them.

A food processor or a spice grinder will work best to grind them.

Mix the ice cream and smarties together with a hand mixer/kitchen aid and pour into your pan.

Smooth out the top of your cake and place it in the freezer for at least a few hours.

Top with ‘whole’ smarties and voila!

Enjoy!  🙂

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Note:  smarties are not vegan or gluten-free.

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