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Vegan Sushi Salad

on May 19, 2012

May 19th, 2012 001

I almost titled this ‘Mommy’s Lunch!’ … but I’ll save that for another day.  🙂

I called it a ‘sushi’ salad because it reminded me of a veggie roll that you might get at a sushi restaurant… with edamame on the side and some ginger sauce… drool.

I love the idea of this … so fresh, so flavourful and SO healthy!

For the salad (per person) I used…

  • 1/4c of cooked quinoa (we used tri-coloured quinoa this time)
  • 2 tbsp of steamed edamame
  • 2 tbsp of finely chopped cucumber
  • (this is where i’d insert avacado if i had some!)
  • a pinch of finely chopped green onion
  • a pinch of grated beet
  • a pinch of grated carrot
  • a sprinkle of hemp seeds

Arrange the salad however you like and drizzle a little of sesame ginger dressing over the top.

For the dressing (this is a full batch that should last you the week) …

  • a generous pinch of grated ginger
  • 2 cloves of garlic, grated
  • 1/2c of organic rice wine vinegar
  • 1/2c of grapeseed or light olive oil
  • 2tbsp of coconut aminos or (wheat free) tamari
  • 1 tbsp of maple syrup or agave
  • just a drop of sesame oil (a little goes a long way!)
  • a pinch of black pepper

Put all of the above ingredients into a mason jar and give it a really good shake.  The longer it sits the better it will be!  🙂

The ginger will make this dressing a little spicy, so adjust as needed … start with a little less if you prefer things on the milder side.  You won’t need to add any salt because there’s plenty in the tamari.  Don’t be afraid to add a drizzle of this or that to make it perfect for YOUR taste buds.  🙂

Happy, healthy eating y’all!

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8 responses to “Vegan Sushi Salad

  1. Victoria Whiteley says:

    how pretty is this…bravo!

  2. Simply Dish says:

    oh, thank you! 🙂 and, it tasted wonderful too! 🙂

  3. oh my Gosh! this is so gorgeous!! I love the height, and the variety of vibrant colors! Healthy and beautiful! Thanks for the recipe!

  4. Sophie33 says:

    What a delightful & very good for you colourful salad! I love quinoa!

  5. Simply Dish says:

    We use quinoa all the time – so yummy!

    Thanks much for all the comments! 🙂

  6. katiebarlow says:

    Yummm! I love sushi. What a neat idea to make it into a salad. And I love the idea of using quinoa instead of rice! Beautiful picture too!

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