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Yummy Cookies … GF & Vegan !

on May 18, 2012

These GF, vegan goodies are are a great, nutritious and best of all, simple treat that I’m more than happy to feed the little people in my life.  🙂

Pre-heat your oven to 350 and mix the following in a bowl…

  • 1/2c plus 2tbsp of GF oats
  • 1c plus 2tbsp of GF all-purpose flour
  • 1 ripe mashed banana
  • 1/2c of unsweetened apple sauce
  • 1/4c of nut or seed butter
  • 1/2c of unsweetened coconut
  • 1 heaping tbsp of chia seeds
  • 3/4tsp of both baking soda and baking powder
  • juice of a lemon
  • a splash of good vanilla
  • a dash of both cinnamon and clove
  • and… 1/2c of carob chips  🙂

I added the ingredients in that order, mixed it all together and placed heaping tablespoons on the cookie sheet … I baked half of them ‘flattened’ (mostly for the photo op! :)) and the other half of them just dropped.  Either way is fabulous!

These will need about 18-20 minutes in the oven and you should be able to squeeze out 2 dozen cookies with this recipe.

Now, these tasty treat aren’t going to be like a buttery, sugary, ooey, gooey goodness cookie………. but they ARE good for your beautiful bodies!  🙂


3 responses to “Yummy Cookies … GF & Vegan !

  1. Sophie33 says:

    These cookies look like real winners! I never tried chai seeds before: what do they taste like?

  2. Simply Dish says:

    Hmmm…they don’t really have much of a taste, but they are SO good for you… they’re about the size of a poppy seed and have a nice little crunch to them.

    Great little gems to add to any baking!! 🙂

  3. Sophie33 says:

    I have tried them & Iile them too! 🙂 Crunch indeed!

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