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One Simple Appy…

on April 21, 2012

All you need…

A package of pumpernickel bread (usually found in the deli/cheese section of your local grocery store) … cut each slice into six smaller, bite size squares and arrange on a serving platter (approx. 2 per guest).

Three onions…peel, slice in half and then thinly slice from there.  In a pan (low to medium heat), add two tablespoons of oil and sprinkle all of your onion slices into the warmth.  You want these to carmelize, which should take about 15-20 minutes – oh so sweet!  Let these cool slightly before using them…

Cherry tomatoes…take a small paring knife and carefully cut a zig-zag line through the middle… this simple little touch will impress your guests!  🙂

Place a teaspoon of the carmelized onions on top of the pumpernickel and one half of a cherry tomato right in the middle… and these beauties are done!

Happy Saturday!!!


2 responses to “One Simple Appy…

  1. Vicki says:

    Simple, beautiful appy! A question: I know if anyone can ‘do’ tofu, you can. Do you have a favorite (and delicious) tofu or tempeh recipe?

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